Nuts for ball & SAG mills

Crimar is pleased to announce that we can now provide the patented specialty nuts for ball and SAG mills that reduce the amount of labor required during mill maintenance. The nuts are made out of SAE 4340 cast steel machined for assembly, with SBR 65 Shore A rubber which is molded into the cup, and virgin nylon used for the lock ring. The nut is compression fit into to the rubber filled steel cup and turns independently of the cup. This allows the nut to be tightened without causing the rubber to turn and stick to the mill head. The nylon lock ring which is also compression fit into the nut keeps the nut from loosening during mill operation. With currently available mill nuts, much time is lost cleaning the surface of the mill head when the nuts are removed. The Crimar nuts leave no residue on the mill surface reducing the time required for mill maintenance. The Teflon lock ring also saves the time of a secondary shutdown after maintenance to retorque all of the nuts. The nuts shown below are 2” nuts, overall assembled height is 3 ¼”